A. Edwin ED-71 - Red Selvage - Unwashed: Breaking in a new pair of selvage is a lot like breaking into a chemists. They’ll be one hell of a mess to start off with but the end result will have you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud of titties.

B. Reigning Champ T-Shirt - Alpine Black:  I used to have a Russell athletic tee very similar to this in 1991. It survived several all night raves as well as the time I accidentally set my self on fire in Shelley’s Laserdome nightclub with a bottle of poppers and a freshly lit B&H.  They don’t make t-shirts like they used to. Well Reigning Champ does, so that’s why I’ve chosen this.

C. Carhartt Anglistic Beanie - Blue Heather: Why does Carhartt have two ts? What does Anglistic mean? Two questions I’m far too lazy to bother googling. I do know that these oh so functional titfers fit my ample head a treat though.

D. Penfield Clermont Vest - Olive: Though a 70% cotton and 30% nylon mix takes me well out of my usual 60/40 comfort zone I’m prepared to stick my neck on the line for this handsome Penfield number. Look at those mitten pockets, yes mama!

E. Garbstore Camp Ringer Sweat - Oatmeal: When I was in the cub’s we had our very own ‘camp ringer’, when we finally discovered what he’d been up to we covered him in Chappie and fed him to a wolf-dog not dissimilar to the one on the front of this here jumper. Hakuna matata as they say in Stockport.

F. New Balance '577' - Grey / Navy: I like these because they remind me of one of my favourite adi trainers, the Boston Super. Except that these 577's are way better because they have a big ‘N’ on the side and its a little known fact that the N stands for Neil. Honestly.

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Written by FUSShop — December 20, 2012 —